Sunday, January 30, 2011

"For The Kids!" Pittsburgh Children's Hospital 2011

(Special Thanks To Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball, Michelle Mejia, Mr. Paul & Jessica Maholm)

Why am I helping Pittsburgh Children's Hospital? I was born with a club foot and i did't think i would walk. They helped me to walk and play baseball. I had to wear a cast on my leg & foot everyday till I was 8 months old, then I had surgery and had to wear a special shoe and brace! They helped me! You can join me for my 2011 charity campaign by visiting

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Day Of The Game - A Poem By Me!

I had to write a poem for school.

The day of the game
By Elliot Mast

On the pitchers mound I see my dream come true in front of me.

In the batter’s box my dream is becoming a reality.

I hit the ball it soars through the sky I hear the crowd gasp and cry “He did it” “He did it”.

A homerun it has begun my dream come true my day in the sun.

Many more days like this I pray as the sun warms my face.

In this home of bats and balls I sit on the bench and Know here I cannot fall.

I hear them call number “12” You’re up to bat My hat holds in the thoughts I can’t deny this ball has got to hit the sky.

Another cry look how high this ball again has cleared the sky.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011