FTK! Why? and How...

Hello, my name is Elliot Mast, I am a 18 years old baseball player playing for a purpose. I was born with a club foot and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh helped me!

In February of 2010, I officially teamed up with The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.  I have dedicated my baseball life to the kids at the hospital to raise awareness and funds for them and the vital Child Life Program.  Since I started, I have raised more than $21,000 in 5 years.

The department of Child Life at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh is responsible for making sure the kids' hospital experience is fun and not so scary.  They help provide things like games, toys, video games, etc.  There are often events in the hospital to provide entertainment and distraction for kid-patients.  They do things like tail-gates, celebrity visits, and music/performance shows for the inpatients.  While being in a hospital can be really scary, the Child Life department does their best to make the experience as fun and memorable (in a good way) as possible.  They have playrooms on every floor and dedicated staff that work with the kids on projects and "fun time".  The playrooms are medical-free zones - so no medicine, no doctors, no reports, nothing scary - it's all play, all the time!  This is a really important part of the recovery and healing process for the kids and while insurance doesn't cover these types of necessities, they will always offer them - the kids need it and that's the most important thing.  This is why we need you! So basically, money raised for this fund makes sure that kids can still be kids - and not just patients - when they're at Children’s Hospital. 

We can do it together. Here’s how:  During every baseball season (including regular season, all-star season, and travel season play), I will raise money with every swing of my bat and every pitch I pitch.  For every homerun I hit, I will raise $10, for every regular hit I hit, I will raise $2, and for every strike out I pitch, I will raise $5. 

Join my team! I need you! I am looking for a few sponsors to team up with me for this very important project. It’s “FTK” FOR THE KIDS and I need your help! We can be a team, we can do it together!  Will you become a sponsor today? 

You can help by becoming a sponsor, donating money, donating items for my annual auction, sharing my story, and raising awareness!  

Sponsor Me: For every Home run $10, For every base hit $5, and for Every Strike Out I Pitch $2!

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