Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Science Fair Project!

Here is my Science Project from my School Science Fair. My project was titled "Best Of Bats!" Here are the project details.

Testable Question: Which bat hits real baseballs long distances to help me win games?

Hypothosis: I feel that the Vexxum Double-Wall bat is a better bat to help me win baseball games.

Research: I researched the following companies on the web:


I am working on a research display that shows what is inside a composite aluminum little league bat.

Materials: Baseballs, Three Baseball Bats: Worth Bat, Nike Keystone Bat, DeMarini Vexxum Bat, Batting Gloves, Home Plate, Baseball Field, Measuring Tap, Note Pad, Pencil, Ball Bucket, Baseball Hat, and My Dad To Pitch To Me.

Procedures: I conducted an experiment on location at a baseball field near my house. I hit three times with each bat and measured the distance for each hit and then found the average distance for each bat. My dad threw each baseball to me.

Experiment: Please see attached page. I am drawing a nice display to share the results… This second page is the results and notes from the experiment.

Data/Results: Hit 1 Hit 2 Hit 3
Results from each bat (distance for each hit)
Keystone Bat 87ft 119ft 100ft
Worth Bat 89ft 110ft 98ft
Demarini Vexxum 129ft 143ft 194ft

(the 194ft hit would have been a homerun at my little league field.


Demarini Vexxum is a better bat!

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